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I used to knit all the time decades ago - got about 40 Buffalo sweaters done - one for every family member but I got tired of knitting those great big raglin sleeves that seemed to take longer than the body of the beast and I quit to begin quilting.
Now it's about 3 decades later and I'm back to knitting.
My health suffered and quilting became impossible but I still wanted to create something so I picked up some needles and started off again with simple scarves and hats.
I found I had completely forgotten everything I ever knew about knitting but I found this site and the wonderful videos and they have helped me immeasureably (not to mention the great advice..)
I'm still on my first big sweater since the Buffalo ones and I've knit it twice (now doing my 3rd try) and enjoying every minute of it.
I discovered that I had the wrong idea about knitting when I used to do it. It's not all about the finished product - its about the process... the meditative feel of repetition, the click of the needles and in the end, the pride of accomplishment.
At least, that's how I see it.
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