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Where to start... it feels like I have alwats croshet we lived with my grandmother when I was in 1st grade and she corshet and thought me how... just the simple strate rows... I think that was all she could do... Her grandma knit and croshet but she never did get the nack for knitting and her mother and sibs didn't.

My mom and sibs never learned what she had to teach... But she helped me learn what she had to teach and always sed I should learn to knit. I did not understand why she thought it was so inporten.

I have Asperger Syndrome we did not know that tell I was out of high school. They thought I had ADHD... My mom was a single pairent... A Grandma went throw hell with me when I was a scared confused kid who just knew she was diftrent and that the only ones willing to be her friends at school abused her trust and friendship. She help me when I had screaming fits because I wanted my mom. She read to be when I was loanly and needed to hear another voise. She sat throw endless tea parties. And vere yeld at me when I made a mess of her kitchen trying to cook dinner for the family.

Looking back I know I must have been a trile and a brat so lost in her own anger pain and confusion that she vere rilised how hard she was making life for an old woman with a kind heart.

She died when I was 13... I wanted to learn for her I guess it was my way of saying thank you and goodbye...

I tried to learn on my own so many times over the years but I am a visula person I had to see it being done.

I thought I had given up then early list month I just... I needed to try again one last time. So I asked the first random person I talk to on the knit it they knew of a web sight to teach me.

I was luck the person I asked was a friend and he knits... I pointed me to a good web sight and the next day I bot yarn and needles... I have been knitting ever sents...

Grandma knew some thing all the docters that kept giving me pills to calm be down when I was in school didn't.

I needed knitting... I calms and senters me... It is not about what you have when your done it is about the yarn and needles and that calm senter they help you fined....

I wish she was here to day so I could thank her with out her I might never have found knitting.

Even more I wish I had been old enough to know just how much she ment to me.
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