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I looked at and didn't see any interchangeable circular needle sets.

All in all, the purchase of any interchangeable circular needle set is more cost effective than the piece by piece purchase of what they call 'fixed circular needles'.

The most expensive set is the new ADDI CLICK interchangeable set of circs. They are missing some US sizes. They are measured in mm.

The most frugal set is the KNITPICKS "OPTIONS".
The full set is only $60 with a case. I have them and love them. Knitpicks also have a wooden set, which many knitters prefer, called the HARMONY interchangeables. They are $75.

I coulda save a fortune if I had known about Knitpicks interchangeables in time.

If you get to the point of a purchase, you can click through to Knitpicks here at Knitting Help. It will help support our website because Knitpicks is one of our revered advertisers! (see top of this page to click through to Knitpicks!)

I am not crowing about them because of that though. Everything they sell is EXCELLENT quality and COST EFFECTIVE! And customer service that is wonderful!
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