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Can you pray for her
My grandma is very sick and lives all the way in England. She is having quite a few mini strokes. Now she is starting to forget stuff and talking about stuff that doesn't even make sense. Like today I don't even know what she was talking about,it went from the color green yarn to knitting to we are going to visit her to where we are staying. You see though none of it made sense. I wish I could visit her. Now she is being sent to a 3rd hospital! Please if you could, pray for my Grandma. The worst part for her is she loved to knit(she had a passion for it)and now her hands are messed up then a stroke. She might make it because, this has happen to her a lot and she proved wrong to the doctors. They said stuff like she might not live to much longer but, it has been at least over a year since then. Well thats my story. Please pray for my grandma (Joan Soltysik). I'm only a kid that loves her grandma.
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