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I just said a prayer now, that your Grandma is safe and happy and looked after, and that you both receive peace of mind.
I feel for you, spechially as you're not in the same country? That's why I prayed for peace of mind, for both of you.
Is you Grandma taking medication? That might be why she seemed a bit all over the place with her conversation. Don't forget, a stroke will do that too but I know here in England, they're really on top of detecting and treating strokes asap. There's a big campagine about spotting the signs and getting treatment asap. The quicker the treatment, the better the chances. It sounds too like your Grandma is really being looked after if they are sending her to different hospitals. They will be sending her to the one with the best Drs and/or consultants to help her.
I hope she gets better really soon and that you are safe and secure in the meantime. (((BIG HUGS)))
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