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I am intimidated!
I am learning how to knit. I know how to do a long tail cast-on, knit and purl and am making my first scarf doing just that...knitting and purling. Anyways, I want to make a hat next on circular needles, but i'm intimidated! I mean, I can't even fix my mistakes on my all looks like a jumbled mess to me, and I had to take it into a local yarn shop to get them to help me. I've been looking at videos of here of all the increases, decreases, knitting in the round, double points...I'm very overwhelmed to say the least after watching those videos! I have only had like a 1 hour lesson so far,so I know I have a long way to go but I'm kinda wondering if I'll be able to "get knitting"...It seems kinda hard. Do you have any tips that may help me along the way? I really enjoy the small bit of knitting I do know how to do and would like to make this a long-term hobby for me.
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