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Don't get too discouraged! It will all fall into place eventually! I stuck with alot of scarves to get really familiar with reading my knitting, then added different things (such as cables) to keep the project interesting and to keep myself learning! I have made a couple of baby sweaters (I was scared to death to try it) and it is much easier than you would think! One thing I was told was not to read too far into a pattern, but just dive in and do row at a time. That gave me ALOT of confidence!

So, I just finished my very first hat, knit in the round on circs and finished with dpns..... and it was a lace pattern. I had neither knit in the round or used dpns before because I was too scared. Well, now I know I can do it (though I'm not sure I did the dpn part exactly right, but it came out looking ok!) and it has given me the confidence to go on and try something else...maybe even socks!


socks (still!)
baby afghans
HAP items

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