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Yes, Jan...I wish I had used my Sweater Wizard lonnnnnng ago.
It would have saved me COUNTLESS HOURS of re-knitting and DOLLARS of new yarn purchases to get my brother's jacket done right!

If you have any questions about it's basic operation, let me know, but I do know this for sure:

FIRST: select a yarn
SECOND: decide upon a 'pattern stitch' for the body AND the ribbing, if any.
THIRD: find needle sizes that makes that pattern stitch look its best, and of course the ribbing, too.
FOURTH: knit a gauge swatch using steps 1-3

Now you're ready
to enter your information into the Sweater Wizard. He will ask you certain things like for man, woman, child? chest/bust size? style? pullover? cardigan? tight fit? relaxed fit? neckline? sleeve style? dropped shoulder? modified drop shoulder? inset sleeve? tunic length? reg length? cropped? weight of yarn (you already have this info), needle size (you have this info already), gauge (you have this already). This is why you need to follow steps 1-4 above before visiting the Wizard.

The Sweater Wizard doesn't tell YOU what yarn, pattern stitch, gauge or needle. You decide that first, then he works up a blueprint for you, based on ALL the information.

Anyway, by the time you click CREATE, you've told the Wizard exactly what you want him to do for you! He delivers a blueprint for you, including schematics! He'll even tell you how many yards you need!

He is the best ARCHITECT! But you're the boss!

When I was getting ready to make John's Jacket, I had made swatches of the 3 different colors I had bought from Elann.
I made the 3 swatches in faux rib, and I was gonna show these to DH to see which color he liked best! I had already printed the Sweater Wizard info for the color HAZELNUT, cuz I was dead certain he'd pick that color! HE DIDN'T! He liked the Cypress Green, and NOT the other two colors at all!

So I started in with the jacket, using Cypress and the pattern printed up for Hazelnut...and after a while, I could see that the LEFT FRONT was way too small looking. Hmm. I was really stumped.

Know what the problem was? The CYPRESS GREEN swatch was a slightly different gauge than the HAZELNUT, same IDENTICAL brand yarn! Matter of fact, the 3rd color (LICORICE) also gauged slightly different from the other two!

So back I go to the Wizard. I entered the st and row gauge that CYPRESS GREEN faux rib delivered, and the blueprint that Wizard gave me was DIFFERENT!

Anyhoo, my sizing was 'right on' after that! I can't believe what a perfect fit this jacket is on my husband!

So, swatch, swatch, swatch. Then visit the Wizard!
Swatching is the "designer's' work. The Wizard is just the architect.
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