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When I first started regular knitting, I bought a 70, yes 70!!, piece DPN set. I had no idea what to do with them to keep them organized. So I thought about it... and I figured it out. I took two contrasting yarns, and knit a 8x20" rectangle. It was stockinette except for the top and bottom, which I did in reverse stockinette. It helps to keep the needles in there. I then put all of my DPNs in order onto it by inserting them into the loops. Each size alternated the colors, so I could easily pull out each "set" if I needed to. Starting from the largest needle size, I rolled the thing up as tightly as I could. Then, I secured two loops of yarn on the outside, which I then wrapped around the entire bundle. Voila, super inexpensive needle holder! It takes up very little space, holds everything pretty securely, and has held up really well even though I go into it all the time.
As for cables... I suppose you could probably do something similar for them as well.
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