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Oooooooo aaaaahhhhhhh. That must be the new Malabrigo Solids, huh?!!! I love the shade of blue!!! Would you call it indigo, royal, navy? What is the shade/color number?

Yeah, the solids are the only way to go for a 'sweater's worth'.
You can't depend on Malabrigo kettle-dyeds to knit up decently for a sweater.

I have a bed jacket that only used a few skeins of Green Spark. When the yanks arrived, I said "Phew! At least they are all the same shade of greens". Yeah right.

Now AFTER knitting the BACK and almost one FRONT...I could see the lighter cakes.

So, I frogged part of the LEFT FRONT, and reknit with a darkie, and used the LIGHTS for the sleeves. Well, it's just a bed jacket. And I have two sleeves that are lighter.

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