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Artlady - that's not my finger! Whoever put in the photo to the Rav database must have got their finger in the photo. I never noticed that before.

If I were to extend the stockinette portion like a "normal" sweater, I guess that would probably use less yarn, since my purls aren't as tight as my knits. So I would probably have enough yarn to do so. But the sleeves are knit with that elongated ribbing style too, so it would probably look weird to have really deep ribbing on the sleeves but not the body. Meaning I may have to frog those and reknit, too.

I'm honestly not worried about the time investment, it will be worth it. The main reason I'm stalling on the frogging is that I'm worried the yarn won't take the abuse. It's really hard to frog 2 yarns held together, especially since one of them is really grabby wool. I didn't try to separate them, I just frogged as a unit, but it was still hard on the yarn.

This may be my fault since as you can see in the photo, the model's sweater isn't as fitted as mine. I was so worried about it being too loose that I may have made it bulge out because I knit it too tight.

Well, I am having the crappiest week ever, so why not pile it on! I'm going to bring the sweater with me tonight and try to frog back. Do you guys think the looser ribbing will be okay, or go for full on stockinette? I don't think I can put increases in the ribbing - I don't know how to do that without it messing up the ribbing (it's 2X2). Although, Artlady and I know how to do it in seed stitch now!!! LOL. (Sylvi KAL).
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