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Originally Posted by sorifes View Post
My dream fiber is Qivuit but it could be because I live in alaska. It's always so soft when I touch it at the native craft fairs and I go ooh it's so nice and I hear it's soo warm. But ooh it's like 80 bucks for 2 oz of lace weight yarn.

Although fibers I've use that I like is the Merino wool. I have some Cashmere but I don't know what to do with it...I'm pondering socks when I get the guts to make them.
Qiviuk (I've seen it spelled various ways)... I don't know if it was worth the $80 I paid for it but it is definitely dreamy soft. The yarn was so fine that it broke easily, though. It is a mark of my fiber-snobbery that I saved for an entire summer (the summer I spent in Alaska) so that I could buy a ball when I was in Ketchikan to fly home.
Fortunately, a lot of things in Alaska are edible, so skimping on my grocery bill was possible without even going hungry. (Yummm, beach asparagus!)
Originally Posted by globaltraveler View Post
An acquaintance of my family's raises wolves, and tried making yarn out of the spring shedding. They had to stop wearing the sweaters she made, though, as dogs would react VERY strangely to them when they wore them!
OMG wolf fiber would be so cool!!! *adds another exotic critter to the dream fiber list.* I love exotic, rare fibers.
My favorite that I use semi-regularly is baby alpaca/silk. I love working with merino and with shetland (though not for the same project!). Shetland is hard to come by, though.

I am SUCH a fiber snob...
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