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Magic Loop/2Circs question
I'm doing Ladyfirelyght's test pattern for her Thorn Lace socks (they look great and I'm very excited to be doing this ) and have decided that I need to use Magic Loop or 2 circs rather than dpns. First, I've never done toe-up socks before but I like the challenge and managed to complete the toe on my dpns, however, I think using another method will work better for the rest.

My question, is Magic Loop and using 2 circs the same thing? It looks like 2 circs is the way to go here in any event. So, question 2 - everything I've read and watched shows Magic Loop using 1 circ and the longer the cable the better. Does the "longer the cable the better" also apply to 2 circs? I need to get some supplies and would like to get the proper things in this regard. I'm going to purchase cables and points from the KP interchangeable options sets.

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