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Originally Posted by Sknitter56 View Post
OMG! Possum!?! We have those creatures around here and they give me the creeps!

If your note of GA means Georgia, USA, then you definitely do NOT have Possum around there. You have Opossum and it is not just a spelling difference. Check out the links in the next quote.

Originally Posted by OffJumpsJack View Post
I remember Possum being discussed before. The Possum is from Australia. (

An Australian brushtail Possum

It is not the same animal as the Opossum of North America. And the Opossum that is in North America are native to eastern USA but imported to western USA...

A North American or Virginia Opossum
Note the hairless tail.

So, similar names but different animals. They both are marsupials, but that is nearly all they have in common.
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