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I like the possum merino blend I'm swatching up with (Touch yarns- I haven't noticed any shedding even when I frogged. BTW, alot of the possum yarns come from New Zealand, not Australia. The brushie was introduced there for the fur trade, then the fur trade died and the brushie firmly set up camp. It is now a pest there. The idea is to make a financially sound reason for trapping and removing the pest species.
I personally LOVE alpaca. It's Warm and Soft and Warm and Warm... and alpacas are pretty cool as animals as well. I have noticed some balls are a little hairy though.
for Luxury fibers... Vicuna anyone... no idea how to get some, no idea how much it'll cost (other than alot) but I want to try it. And that wolf sounds interesting. I like the idea of knitting with nontraditional or pretraditional fibers.
What about fibers people think "nice, not me," or "overrated". For me this is cashmere. I've fondled some Cashmere balls, and honestly, Alpaca is softer and cheaper. I'll try it before I firmly blow it off, but currently I'm "Meh".
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