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Bernat Ruffled Hat Pattern Help
I'm working on this cute hat and don't end up with the same number of stitches it says I should have in the Ruffle Row. Everything worked great up till then...
I'm making the small size and had 89 stitches once all the increases were done before the 3" of ss.

For the Ruffle Row, I did K1, M1 (I used knit in front & back method) across and finished with K1. But, the pattern said I should have 176 stitches and I only have 133.

I think I would have 176 if I did K1, *M1 in every stitch across, K1...but, that's not how the pattern says to do that row...

AND, if I do another row the same as this one, I'd have too many

On a positive note...I'm using the same yarn as pictured on the pattern and up to now it looks just like it!
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