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Help me decide which yarn!
I keep going back and forth on this and I just can't choose a yarn. I haven't tried most of the yarns I have in mind so I've been over at Ravelry reading reviews on the different ones and there's always somebody who doesn't like a particular yarn so it's hard to decide. Webs yarn ( is having this huge sale starting today so I think it's the right time to purchase a nice yarn for this hat and some scarf pattern yet to be determined. Perhaps this one. I *think* I've narrowed it down to these yarns:

* Plymouth Encore (reviews said easy care but pills too much)
* Plymouth Tweed (not very soft but no bad reviews, except maybe the tweed color is too much for that hat?)
* Plymouth Suri Merino (I have worked with this one before, it sheds but it's nice)
* Valley Yarns Amherst (pills)
* Valley Yarns Sugarloaf (splitty, stretchy)
* Elann Peruvian Highland Wool (a budget yarn w/knots and pilling)
* Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (everybody says this pills, is too scratchy, only for felting, but it's so affordable!)

Some of these yarns will be on sale, some not. Does anybody have a favorite of these yarns? Anybody worked with them before? I have plenty of time to make the project but if I want to grab a yarn on sale, I have to choose soon. I'll be making this for me for next season and I just want it to be a real nice present to myself. Any ideas or thoughts? TIA
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