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Another needle question
I've just recently started working with circular needles because I needed the cord for the length of the baby blanket I'm making. I like Addi's, mainly because of the semi-flexibility of the cord and the smooth join between needle and cord. A lady at one LNS told me to use the bamboo ones, but another one at another LNS told me to use the turbo LACE ones because they have a smoother join, but still have some "stickiness" to them. Being the perfectionist I am, I start off with the bamboo ones and stitch for a while and they feel "bundlesome" and rough at the joint, so I switch to the turbo Lace ones and I seem to be flying along but I'm not sure I'm as much in control. In addition the cord on the bamboo ones is really coiled, while the turbo lace one isn't. I'm just doing a simple little baby stroller coverlet about 26" x 36", my first real project, in garter stitch cause that's all I know how to do--and I've started over about 20 times because I can't decide whether to use the bamboo or the lace needles. Yes I know I'm out of control. Can someone tell me what would be best ones to use? Also if I'm doing this coverlet that's about 26" wide, wouldn't I use a 32" cord? One store tried to put me on a 24" cord, but that didn't seem logical to me.... I MUST move on from this OCD I seem to have about this coverlet--I'm sure it's because I'm about to be a 1st-time grandmother. Please help!!!!

I need/want to knit and quit worrying....
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