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Thanks Margz and Craw--I think I've wanted to use the Lace ones all along, but just didn't have the confidence that I could do it. It appears LYS people have in their mind that new knitters can only use wooden needles, and I suppose I can understand that if you've never done handwork before, but I've been embroidering, cross stitching, etc. since I was 8 years ago and I'm pretty good at working with my hands.
I have not ever tried the regular Turbos because even the woman who put me on the Lace ones said the Turbos were really slippery. It seems the Lace ones have some drag but the regular ones don't--I'm not sure I'm that far along yet. Craw, as a new knitter have you had a problem with them slipping?
Thanks to those of you for suggesting the 24" circulars --I'll be dropping by to get one today. I think that may be part of my problem because the 32" ones spread my work out so far I can't tell what I'm doing or how it looks. Can you give me some advice on how to pick the length of the cable in the future? For instance, how wide can an item be and still use 24" circulars? When do I neeed to step up to the 32's, 40's, etc.
Thanks to you all--you've been wonderful and taught me so much.
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