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KH April Knit-Along (KAL) or Crochet-Along (CAL)
Now that our "April Fools" KAL is over, we can get our REAL April knit-along going.

We're making HEADBANDS, HAIRBOWS, SCRUNCHIES, and other hair accessories.

Headbands can be sporty or stylish.

And hairbows are definitely "girlie".

I think this knit-along will be fun, because the projects will be quick, and can be used by males and females alike!

I'm even thinking of trying out some crochet patterns, because I haven't done that in a LONG time.

Here are some ideas for knitting patterns:
Hair Accessories on Knitting Pattern Central

And some crochet patterns:
Hair Accessories on Crochet Pattern Central

So, look for your favorite knitting or crochet pattern, and let's get knitting!
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