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Oh you brat!! It was really fun though. You had me fooled and I've only once been fooled before, so you almost got another April Fool's Virgin... but not quite.

I worked in a factory as the receptionist. One of the "boys" called from up in the sales office to the reception desk and, putting on a fake voice, explained to me that He was Sergant Frank Lucasek from the Cambridge Fire Department, and that there had been a fire in the Panasonic microwave in my kitchen and that my apartment was on fire, with fire department on the scene. I asked him three times if he was joking and he said "he didn't joke about things that serious". After his third denial I flipped. I knew my X-DH was asleep in that apartment because he had worked the graveyard shift. The perpetrators of this cruel joke eventually, after calming me down and finding a tranquilizer somewhere to do so, had to drive me home to check on X-DH and my house before I could work again. The owners of the company almost fired the guys who did it. The boss even had someone drive me home because I was in no shape to drive.

I think this joke was really funny! No one was hurt or really upset and it was a good gag! Which of us does not want to test new yarn???

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