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Originally Posted by The.Knitter View Post
Oh you brat!! It was really fun though. You had me fooled and I've only once been fooled before...........YOU GOT ME!!!

I think the joke your co-workers pulled was BAD! I would never do anything like that. So sad.

Originally Posted by LBECK View Post
Is it too late to join. If not I would like to help out with this. If you need my addy just let me know but you should have it from the baby blankets.
Originally Posted by LBECK View Post
Boy don't I feel like the dork of all time now.
You're not alone. I think I would have been fooled by it too.

Maybe I should have been a con artist.

Originally Posted by lulubell View Post
Yep,I was fooled too. I studied the sample cap and wondered if the water would go through the gaps in the knitted stitch and how it would run off etc etc. Very good Aprils Fool Joke. But.... we will be on to you next year! think I would do it AGAIN?
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