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Originally Posted by Arielluria View Post
LOL, that's too funny. I hope I can make the KA/CA this month, I'm always dropping out but been dying to make a headband!
I'm sure you'll be able to make a headband this month.

Originally Posted by Lieuvena View Post
I'd like to do one that incorporates a new to me technique. I'm thinking lace or entelac. I've seen several with cables as well. I did a bib once with a basic cable on it, but that was it. If they go quick enough then I may be able to do more than one and try them all!
I feel the same way. I want to make a few of them in different colors. I also want to make some scrunchies. Those are SO easy!

Originally Posted by yarncharmer View Post
I still can't believe I fell for the April Fool cap - silly silly girl. Since I can't 'get my feet wet' making waterproof socks with Sandy's yarn, I think I'll do this headband instead:
...wouldn't probably be doing this one if I hadn't been 'bamboozled' by the waterproof yarn - doh!
Well, I'm GLAD you were bamboozled, so you can join us!
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