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Addi's are made in Germany.
Skacell has the exclusive rights to market them in US.

but anyone (outside US) can buy a bunch (while in europe or else where) and sell them (semi illegally) on Ebay.

its called 'grey market'

its not black market--because the goods are often the real thing.

but its quite legal either.

often the goods come with foriegn laguage packaging.. (not really a problem for knitting needles.)

but it there is a problem (and Addi's have a well deserve reputation for quality, but still there have been occational problems!) who do you return them too?
not your US distributor (cause you didn't get them from them) not to Addi's since they expect you to use the US distributor..

and the ebay seller? they sold them as is.. (if they were fine at time of purchase.. and its a manufactoring defect (not something they can control) they are off the hook.

there are some deals to be had buying grey market..
but as always--buyer beware!
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