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Originally Posted by MCrowe View Post
This is to anyone out there who is just beginning to knit. I am hoping I am not too old to learn this art! The video's have been so useful. I am hoping that the frustration I am feeling in just getting started won't keep me from trying this art and enjoying it. My mom taught me when I was little- and I haven't done it for years (and I mean years)- I guess it just takes patience, and practice. if
Let me encourage you. I have been knitting a little over a month now and "quit" twice the first two weeks of my knitting because I got so frustrated. I did alot of praying and just decided I would not let it beat me. I tried going very slowly doing the stitches for the cast on, then the knit stitch, and then the purl stitch. When I finally got those going. I worked on a project with just those stitches. I didn't finish it because I wanted something more exciting. I tried baby booties which I did complete. They had some increases and decreases which I taught myslelf as I did them. They are not perfect, but I don't think they are supposed to be because I am a beginner. It is very cumbersome to begin with, but you will get it. Just hang in there.
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