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Am I weird?
So I'm knitting my first pair of socks, and I've already got the first one done... and I keep trying on the finished sock. I know it fits.. although knitted socks don't feel like store bought socks, and I'm kinda leary about how the toes will feel inside my shoes. I hate anything binding against my toes etc. But my first question is anyone else ever do this?

my second question is the toes to me are too narrow feeling. I don't like how narrow the sock is at the toe... I was wondering if I could make a change such as knit a few extra rows of the gusset, and then maybe not make so many decreases at the toe so that when i do my kitchener stitch.. that the toe width will be a bit wider, but I'll still have the right foot length (if this makes sense to anyone, I don't explain things well). Anyway I'll be gratefull to anyone who could help me with this.
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