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Originally Posted by laikabear View Post
I'm kind of a serial hobbyist and it's weird knitting has stuck so well. A couple of months after I learned, I started to get restless and so I learned another craft - temari. It's basically embroidery on the surface of a ball wrapped in thread.

After a while, I missed knitting and picked it back up. I've tried to branch out a bit in my projects and learn new techniques to avoid the doldrums. I'd say, do something else and don't worry about it. The urge to knit will most likely be back!
LOL about the serial hobbyist...that has always been me, and like you knitting has somehow stuck!

And your temari is just beautiful! May need to check that out!

Jack - I love the idea of incorporating knitting/crocheting into useful camping items! Might be just the nudge you need! If you do, let us know....I camp too and would love to see what you come up with


socks (still!)
baby afghans
HAP items

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