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Originally Posted by laikabear View Post
Not to hijack (well, ok it is a hijack!) but I'm doing a brief tutorial on my blog this week on how to make a temari if anyone's interested.

...Back to your regularly scheduled thread...

I know what you mean about the hot showers! I love camping but after a couple days without washing my hair I feel GROOOOOSSS! The rockets and catapults sound like fun!
Hi very nice "hobby"...I noticed you "suffer" from tendonitis too.....Mine is in "both" wrists (and CT in my rt hand already had surgery) anyway..I have been Painting (rooms) Crocheting and Knitting...well,,,yikes am I paying for it..had to stop "crafting" (it's been about a week) what do you do for your ailment? Any specific "stretching"? I do have a (I hate the word's more like a bowlers glove) with a nice gel form on the palm that keeps everything kinda tight...Thanks

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