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**Make the ULTIMATE blanket for your SOMEONE SPECIAL! Let's get started NOW!**
This KAL will run from June till how ever long it takes, please feel free to join us at any time

If you are not knitting this for Christmas but for yourself, that's ok still join in (prolly what I'm gonna be doing)

A couple of days ago I came across a pattern for the Christmas Star Afghan which can be found here, you can see it from that link but in order to print it out, you do have to use your e-mail addy to access it but it's free.

Then on Ravelry I seen how I would like to do it, by double knit. This way there is no bad side to the knitting! Here is the link to how the member worked hers she breaks down the info for you, isn't it stunning?

I contacted her and she said that we can use her charts since she got them from this book (she did modify them though)

If you go to her flickr account you can see a bigger size of the charts which may be easier to print.

Or if you would like to find your own chart or just use the pattern's chart you can do that too.

To make your own chart you could use this site she has a lot of free charts there, use this website to create your own, use this website to create your own graft paper to print and then draw out your chart, or if you have a book with ideas you could use that. I have the book The Complete Book of Traditional Fair Isle Knitting that has a lot of charts in it

Other Notes:

I don't plan on working the name into the blanket, but she does share the charts on how she created the name that may help you

I figured we could start this in June 'cause that would give everyone time to figure out their that is the start of the 6 month count down to Christmas

Her finished size of blanket is: 34 x 35" -used 9.5 skeins in KP's Shine Cream and 9.5 skeins in Sailor (KP Shine).

If you don't want to double knit the blanket and want to knit the original, please join us

If you have no experience with double knit, no worries it's not hard...Here is a pattern on KH that may help you along with videos

I hope many of you will join me in knitting this very beautiful blanket

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