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Originally Posted by Woodi View Post
If I were to do an entire fancy blanket in a KAL, I'd prefer the aran squares, as I'm not fond of knitting fair isle. Or a blanket with many different types of knitting in it.

I made one years ago, in 5 strips. I would knit with one pattern for about 6 inches, then switch to another pattern for another 6 inches and continue like this until I had the length I wanted. Then I knit 5 more strips, continuing with changing the pattern. Unfortunately, I gave the 5 strips, which took me over a year to knit, to my mother, who then knit a dark border around each strip,(complete with white dog hairs knitted in) and then gave it to a non-knitting friend to sew together. She sewed it together all bass-ackwards! one or two strips would be right-side up, the next: right side down, then up again. I was so hearbroken, I kept the blanket for a year, but everytime I looked at it, I'd feel sad. So much of my knitting work wasted.

I gave it to the Salvation Army store. My DH brought it in, I waited in the car. He said a woman snatched it up as fast as he put it on the table. I felt slightly better.

So, although I'd love to join a blanket KAL, I fear the bad memories will return.

but maybe it's like having a car accident....they say you need to get back at the wheel asap!

The original pattern is knit in stripes and then seamed together and well it would NEVER get done if I did that...but you can Cast on all the sts at one time (the one on ravelry was a cast on of 135 sts) and worked in one piece...the color work is very easy to do...all you gotta do is figure out your tension

I understand though I have not finished a big project so this will be something to see... will I finish? or not?

I'm actually working on the Aran Afghan started it back in Sept, I think...only have 2 blocks finished

Carey~YAY I'm so glad you can join!! What yarn are you thinking of?

Jan~Maybe later on down the road you deadline on when the KAL will be over

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