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I went to knit night tonight and asked Bobbie at the LYS what she thought about subbing the yarn weight...she said she really couldn't say how much more we would need what she suggested is...get a skein and do a gauge swatch she said like if you get 6sts per inch well then it will only be 24" wide and prolly not big enough...she is thinking we would have to stay with the original if we change the yarn weight...I think the original has 5 charted blocks I gotta look at it again..

She said we should be able to sub it but we gotta do a gauge swatch.

I'm thinking of doing mine in a dark purple and creme color...

I don't think changing the weight would change the outcome of the blocks in appearance though...

Another thing is I looked at their Encore DK it's machine washable and you get 150 yards for $3.20. I'm thinking this might be how I go, that way if I need more I can easily get it...and if I buy to much they will take the rest back

Gina~I like that idea too...I would recommend doing the above as well get a gauge swatch to figure out the size it would be

I'm so excited that ya'll are so excited

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