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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Plymouth Encore makes a really dark burgundy. I made my DH a hat out of it.
OH WOW, JAN!!!! Plymouth Encore has sooooo many perfect colors to put together!

I love Encore yarn. It is worsted, but it isn't real thick. It's still very malleable!

Endless possibilities!

<either heathered,
<or, saturated burgundy w/ cream

<Either off-white,
<or lt lemon with navy

<either off-white, or
<pale lavendar with evergreen

<Either this pink,
<or this pink with chocolate

<off white, or,

<lt lemon w/ dark purple

dark dark purple w/off white...or med purple w/ off-white

blue/black tweed w/ lt blue

charcoal heather w/ ice pink

Dk blue with lt apricot

I love to tinker with colors!
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