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This has gotta be doomsday news at Red Heart, Caron, Bernat, Patons, Lion, etc!

UNLESS, Michaels' own brand of yarn is going to be one of the major companies under the Michaels label.

Safeway does that. Example: Their Safeway brand canned veggies are really just a major company (for example Del Monte) with the Safeway label. At least it was that way when I worked for Safeway in the 70's.

Something I noticed about some of the Store Branded yarns: they got cheaper. Money saving shortcuts. Ack. Nice on the outside, with hidden secrets in the inside.

For example, this is what happens to DEBBIE MUMM for JOANNS yarn when you are working with it, and not just a bit, the entire skein:

The lovely OUTSIDE colors are not solid through. There is this ugly black worm on the inside as a filler. The black worm is embedded inside the colorway, and doesn't begin to appear til you're knitting.

Here is the poncho, using 4 skeins of identical color in identical dyelot. Nice huh? See the difference halfway up?

Here is a skein of the offending Joann's branded yarn:

Is there any hit of the black worm hidden in the core of the yarn? Nope.

So, I am totally unexcited about Michaels BRAND NAME yarn.
If JOANNS is any measure of what changes are all about: Michaels Brand will be NEW YARNS, cheaply produced, and with the same or greater prices. AKA: more profits on Michaels bottom line.

The DEBBIE MUMM Traditions for JOANNS yarn was not inexpensive. It was $6 per 149 yd skein, whereas Plymouth ENCORE is $5.49 for 200 yds and excellent quality. At least ENCORE is 'yarn' through and through. No hidden black worms.

This is just one knitter's experience with a 'store branded' yarn line.
It still gripes me. Knitting this kid's poncho was a total miserable experience, stitch-by-miserable-stitch. I had to skooch the topmost reds colors down over the black worm about every 4 stitches to keep the black worm covered up.

Hopefully, Michaels will do a better job of transitioning their yarn department.
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