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I never knew Peonies liked to be close to the surface! I planted Peony tubers last year and the bag they came in said 6 inches deep. They never did come up I guess I know why.
My neighbor is building a huge garage in his back yard. Last year he took out a lovely bed full of azaleas, peonies, tulips, daffodils and a saucer magnolia to make room for it. I was gone for the weekend and when I came home I asked him what he did with everything. You can imagine my heart break when he said he took it all to the dump. The azaleas and saucer magnolia were at least 15 years old and absolutely beautiful! I told him if he ever wants to get rid of another plant I would be happy to dig it up and give it a new home. I now have four azaleas I didn't have last spring that he took out to expand the driveway. Can't wait for them to fully bloom, they are budding out now. I think they are in the pink family but am not sure. He also gave me a wheel barrel full of iris last week so I am not holding out any hope of them blooming this year but next year

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