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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
Something I noticed about some of the Store Branded yarns: they got cheaper. Money saving shortcuts. Ack. Nice on the outside, with hidden secrets in the inside.

So, I am totally unexcited about Michaels BRAND NAME yarn.
If JOANNS is any measure of what changes are all about: Michaels Brand will be NEW YARNS, cheaply produced, and with the same or greater prices. AKA: more profits on Michaels bottom line. like Mary Maxim and Herrschners....booth of certain lines of their yarns suck....Herrschners is ok...when you go with some of the nicer stuff...namely stuff with more wool the sock yarn or the stuff that felts...but the basic acrylic stuff is just riddled with knots and just generally feels unpleasant...

The Mary Maxim Mellowspun pills like mad...and even though it is soft, it is cheap, and in the end....the garment just isn't as nice as it could have been...

Let it be said though...yes, these yarns are cheap...but there are nicer cheap yarns other there!...Lets hope Michaels brand does not turn into one of the flops...
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