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Originally Posted by prettylittlelie View Post
Okay so I'm solidly obsessed with argyle.
&&I told everyone if I was having a boy, you better believe i'd be buying him a darned argyle sweater vest

I'm having a girl, so i thought my dreams of baby argyle sweater vests were out the window...

But just b/c i can't buy a girly one, doesn't mean I can't make one!

But i need a pattern
I found toddler ones
But i was looking for like, 6 months maybe

If anybody can find me one

I will love you forever
&&owe you a monstrous favor of some sort

Help me!!!!
I just found out my daughter in law and son are having a baby boy and my son loves argyle, so I went on and clicked "patterns" and just put in "argyle" in the search bar. There are a lot of patterns, but not too many baby ones. There is one that has a blanket that is so cute...I ordered the magazine and plan on making at least the blanket..not sure about the sweater though.

Congrat's on your baby girl! I think a pink/orange/yellow argyle vest would be adorable!!

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