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Originally Posted by prettylittlelie View Post
I'm almost done with the one in the first link you posted
Oh! Please remember to post it here when you are done! I have that book and just looked at the pattern, it is adorable!
Can I ask you about the avatar picture? Is that a picture of you? I love it! I took a lot of B&W pictures of my daughter in law and son when she was pregnant and when the baby was a couple days old. I never saw a pose like that...I'm going to have to show her and if she wants a picture like that, I'm going to have to be a copy cat!
I looked in your profile to see if there were any more,and saw the wedding picture...that's beautiful too! So you guys are in the Marines? My daughter and son in law are too! They were stationed at Camp Pendleton for 4 years and now they are in Okinawa..we are going to visit in June!
Sorry to ramble !
Look forward to seeing your vest when it's done!

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