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Originally Posted by prettylittlelie View Post
I plan on finishing it tonite

&&Yeah its a picture of me

My hubby is a marine, currently deployed to iraq
but he'll be home in six days!
Did you have the picture professionally done or did a friend do it for you? I was wondering about the lighting??

Wow that's great that he will be home soon! My son in law did 4 deployments to Iraq. They have 3 children and 2 of them were born during that time. I went to CA for all of the births, just in case he didn't make it back in time, but they were very lucky, he made it home each time! He did have to leave when one was just 3 weeks old and didn't see her for 11 months, so they are all together on Okinawa for now!!!

Can't wait to see your vest!
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