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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
OK, here's a bonus for using interchangeables:

When you're on the last row of something, and it's time to cast off: Keeping your live stitches on the left hand gauge needle, change the right hand needle to one size larger, or maybe even two sizes larger.

This makes a better bind off. No chance of being too tight or uneven. It's really a slick technique. Especially for those patterns that say bind off loosely. If I was knitting with a US8, I've been know to go up to a US10.5 for the bind off loosely. But all I had to do was change the needle tip on the right hand side.

Another bonus: if you are not supposed to bind off, but put the live stitches on a holder, or waste don't have to do anything...just unscrew the needle tips, and screw on the 'end caps'. You can even wash (for blocking) the pieces with the cord in the live stitches.

I have lots of extra cables for this very reason. I leave cords in the live work til I get back to them.

KnitPicks have no 'catchiness' at the join. And really, trust me, the attaching of the needle tips is as easy as screwing the lid back onto the honey jar.
Yea, that's my point "catchiness"...I would hate to invest "more" $$$$$ for "more" needles (umm like I don't have enough already) and not like them....although I do have different finishes for obviously different yarns....If I could stick my bamboo ones in the pencil sharpener and get em pointy, I wouldn't be asking so many dumb questions or file down my addi circs..

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