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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
I've never had 'catches' on any of my KP interchangeables, neither on the metals or the wood.

Did I say I won 11 pairs of VINTAGE Boye circs off an Ebay auction last week? All metal except for one pair of white vinyls.
Oh, they are all just wonderful! And I needed the US13's for the collar of my Sylvi that very night!

I can't use KP OPTIONS or HARMONY'S with certain single ply yarns that split easily. I don't have ADDI 13's...and my Crystal Palace 13's are 32" length. A bit long for a collar.

Yipee! I used my new VINTAGE Boye 13's! They're a dream!
Paid $29 plus $5 shipping for the LOT of 11 sets.
That amounts to $3 a pair!
Had all kinds of sizes in the lot.

I like VINTAGE Boye better than VINTAGE Susan Bates.
And the cable, while a bit kinky right out of the box, worked real well. Didn't even need to soak it in hot water!

EBAY shops are always selling off "LOTS" of vintage circular needles. Either some old ladies are dying and these Ebayers are grabbing them up at estate sales, or, other knitters are dumping them into the Second Hand Stores because they are moving up to KnitPicks or Addis.

I don't dump any needles anywhere. I even kept my VINTAGE Boye straights. They sit in their own fabric needle case in a place of HONOR on my wicker yarn trunk. They served me well. They are enjoying their retirement.

But, when I die, I'll bet my girls will be tossing all my knitting needles into a Second Hand Store. They don't knit and don't appreciaate what I've invested into needles etc...and they're too busy to take the time to sell them on Ebay.

Some lucky girl that's only a baby now will prolly scoop up all my stuff! More power to her!
All (except for my addi and Harmony) are "vintage".. I inherited quite the "lot" from my dear sweet Knit/Crochet Teacher..(in her memory I will never give them up) I have about 4 or 5 white plastic circs among my alums and plastic... (love em) I even have 14" plastic dpns!!!! Also, size 0 metal dpns, which she told me that many many years ago that's how they knit socks (she passed at age 93) I even have an "orignal" broomstick lace needle not to mention the crochet is porcelain..I just stare at those and I am just in thinking what those needles made 60 or 80 years agoYou know what's really cool...I have a set of 4 Susan Bates "luxite" US 13-10" dpns in original package priced at $2.75..I am gonna take pics tomorrow of all my needles and post a pic....

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