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Originally Posted by cheley View Post
All (except for my addi and Harmony) are "vintage".. I inherited quite the "lot" from my dear sweet Knit/Crochet Teacher..(in her memory I will never give them up) I have about 4 or 5 white plastic circs among my alums and plastic... (love em) I even have 14" plastic dpns!!!! Also, size 0 metal dpns, which she told me that many many years ago that's how they knit socks (she passed at age 93) I even have an "orignal" broomstick lace needle not to mention the crochet is porcelain..I just stare at those and I am just in thinking what those needles made 60 or 80 years agoYou know what's really cool...I have a set of 4 Susan Bates "luxite" US 13-10" dpns in original package priced at $2.75..I am gonna take pics tomorrow of all my needles and post a pic....
Can hardly wait to see them! Would love to see the SB Luxite dpns! WOW.

Yeah, I get all sentimental when I take my old straights out of their cloth case. A girl on EBAY sells needle cases for real cheap, but she does a really great job, too! Some cases for straights only, some for circs only, some for dpn's only, and some are COMBO cases. They'll hold a little of this and a little of that. If anyone wants her EBAY shop name, let me know. I'm sure she's still sewing! All of her fabrics are different. I bought all my cases in TOILE for the circs and dpn's. Different colors of TOILE. Then my straights are in a completely diff fabric.

My EBAY circs had all the original old packaging! Sigh. With price tags and stickers! A set of BOYE circs for $1.25? Shees. I kept all the vintage packaging, too!
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