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Originally Posted by cheley View Post
Call me "old fashioned" but I don't think I would be comfortable screwing and un-screwing cables onto a needle I have a few addi's I love the sleekness and the cable but it's not as "pointy" as I like..I have a small Harmony and I love it...the pointy tip, the nice cable etc etc...What a shame Why can't they make em bigger...sometimes I just like the feel of "wood" he he!!!
Really if you like the wood just take the jump and by the interchangables. Screwing the tips on is the easiest thing in the world, espescially with the tightening key they put in the package. And look at it this way, if you absolutely cannot bear the thought of taking your tips on and off, you can buy a cable to go with each tip and screw it on once and leave it that way forever. As Art Lady points out, it's still cheeper than Addi Turbos and pointier to boot! But I promise you, once you realize how easy it is to take the tips on and off you will start to appreciate the money that can be saved on interchangables.
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