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I ate something I shouldn't have and couldn't go to work, too bad because the store manager was there and I could've asked him about the new yarn section. But based on what I already know about Michael's from working there, well, I wouldn't expect much from this yarn section. Most of the stuff at Michael's is reasonably "affordable" a.k.a. cheap to the mass market. That's how it can afford to do the type of business it does, by carrying stuff that isn't so high end that the high prices would drive casual artists and crafters away. So I doubt they'll come up with a yarn that's so nice that it'll be expensive and the casual knitters won't buy it.

And maybe it's just my store, but we don't sell very much yarn or needles as compared to all the other stuff in the store. The only time I see people buying the yarn is when we have some major sales going on and I have yet to see anyone on my watch buy any needles. I think the casual knitters make do with whatever cheap acrylic stuff that's on the shelves while the serious knitters complain about the lousy selection and buy online or go somewhere else.
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