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Originally Posted by khaosx5 View Post
As someone who works at one of the above mentioned stores (MM & H) I can tell you that it is not the company's choice as to what fibres go into the yarns. The manufacturers tell us what is in them and they resond to the market - people are asking for softer yarns - they just don't realize that they do not stand up as well.
I see your point...and I have also heard the point "it is cheap, you get what you pay for" which I understand...

But I have to wonder...if you are going to put your (in the case the company) name on something, does it not stand to reason that it should be a good enough quality to feel good about. I would hate to put my name to something that would get more than its fair share of complaint letters....even if it does sell for its price....

I don't know...I am of two minds...Either way...for the most point...I know I will not buy certain lines of these yarns simply on reputation alone!
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