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Originally Posted by Crycket View Post
But I have to wonder...if you are going to put your (in the case the company) name on something, does it not stand to reason that it should be a good enough quality to feel good about. I would hate to put my name to something that would get more than its fair share of complaint letters....even if it does sell for its price....
I don't think mass market local yarn stores will ever carry the types of high end and specialty yarns that most serious knitters' patterns ask for. They're far too expensive for the general demographic, which is casual to beginning knitters. At my store, I see the acrylic stuff sell when we have sales. I hardly ever see the suede or wool or pure cotton being sold, even when we have sales. Even the sock yarn on clearance takes a while to sell, and I know that yarn's not fancy. It's like I said before: serious knitters usually buy their yarn online because their LYS wouldn't have that kind of yarn, why? Too expensive for the general public. Which is why they won't create any yarn line they doubt most of their customers could afford. If at all this line has any natural fibers in it, I would think it'll be no more than 10-15% and will be mostly an acrylic blend.

It could be something like Yarn Bee, which is Hobby Lobby's signature yarn. Which btw is on clearance at my local store because no one wanted 4 ounces of it at $4.99 per skein.
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