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That's too funny. A related story, I have a coworker whose 90 yr old mother had been collecting yarn throughout her younger years. Apparently, bags and bags full in the garage. She found out that I knit, and I asked that since we (a couple of my coworkers and I) knit for donation, would her mom be willing to donate some of the yarn. She responds, "oh, that'd be great. But my mom would absolutely LOVE it if you made my dad a sweater." At that time, one of the knitters was standing there during the conversation. We looked at each other and said, "uh..." and kind of stopped. Needless to say, we haven't received any yarn, nor have we asked again. It's very difficult for those who don't knit to understand how much time it takes to actually make something. In many ways, unless you give a hand knitted gift to someone who knits themselves, the recipient won't truly understand the significance of the gift itself.

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