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Originally Posted by swcheng15 View Post
In many ways, unless you give a hand knitted gift to someone who knits themselves, the recipient won't truly understand the significance of the gift itself.


I don't knit for money, nor do I really want to, but IF a very well-heeled person wanted to hire me, I'd try it. But not for chump change.

The only problem I could foresee with knitting for money is picky, OCD, needy customers. My brother is a contractor, mostly home remodels, and I get an EARFUL from him about customer relations...enough to fill an encyclopedia with the do's and don'ts! I don't wanna be one of the dummies on Judge Judy!

I knit out of love, and give it away for free!

My recipients don't have a clue about the money and the time that goes into my handknits, but all my recipients APPRECIATE my knits so much, it is better than any amount of money!
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