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So True, so True!

My little pumkpin hats are usually a real hit and whoever I have given them to they always say I should sell them due to all the compliments their little pumpkin gets wearing it. It is very flattering ad makes me feels good to hear that. Well I worked it out one time and I'm not the fastest knitter alive (especially with one husband and 3 kids distracting me LOL) so it takes me a good 10 hours a hat. Even at minimum wage that's $70. Or how about "babysitting" wage that's $50. That is not including yarn. But let's say I used very simple inexpensive polyester yarn, anybody want to shell out $50 for a polyester baby hat? LOL
In the LYS the other day a customer was complaing about how she would have to charge $40 for her pair of socks if she bought the yarn the lady was recommending. She went on and on "who's gonna buy them?" I felt so sorry for the worker, she asked her the best yarn for socks and she was just telling her.
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