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Knit :) and :D smiles? (newbie here)
This is a two-fold question. I'm really new at knitting so please let me know if my question doesn't make sense:

I'm knitting a doll similar to the pic below. Now I'd like to add a mouth similar to that. How do you suppose the mouth is knitted? I think in this picture it's a one-row button hole? I tried one myself but his smile looked more like :| than : ) so I'm not sure if one-row buttonhole is the answer.

Say i'd like the smile to be bigger like this :D, so I'm thinking about doing something like a sweater's neckline to his lower lip. From what I read, I need to use two balls and and rest half of the stitches and work in two batches. But then I can't imagine how to join the upper lip part again. (I knit from neck edge up).
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