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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
I knit out of love, and give it away for free!

My recipients don't have a clue about the money and the time that goes into my handknits, but all my recipients APPRECIATE my knits so much, it is better than any amount of money!
I totally agree with you!! I don't think I could do anything for hire, I'd worry too much about it being "just right".

A funny story, though - many years ago (mid 1980's) a friend asked me to knit a sweater for her from a pattern she saw and liked. I told her I would. She bought the yarn which was VERY expensive, and I ended up needing even more, and I think it ended up being over $100 back then. I remember knitting the thing, and being really unhappy with the way it turned out, and thinking that if I were her I would never wear it. I only see her now every couple of years or so, and when I saw her a few months ago, she reminded me of that sweater, and told me she was still wearing it!! Good grief! Turns out she thought it was wonderful, and she loved it! I don't even remember her saying much to me at the time. I guess I was feeling too guilty because I didn't think I had done such a good job. I guess you just never know!

Addicted to knitting...
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